AG Series Leveling Scrapers

The AG Series Leveling Scrapers are designed for light duty earthmoving applications. They are designed for easy transport from job site to job site. All AG Series Leveling Scrapers are capable of tilting 6 Inches. They also come standard with a GPS or laser adapter plate for installing a GPS or laser system. The GPS allows our customers to perform contour grading by utilizing the tilting option on the box blade. The AG Series comes standard with a ratchet jack to operate the tilting feature. It is also available with a hydraulic cylinder to operate the tilting feature. The AG Series Leveling Scraper is available in 8, 10 and 12 foot widths.

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Now Available With A Tandem Axle


All four wheels are made from independent bogie wheel assemblies that:

 Help to eliminate bouncing

 Virtually eliminates the washboard affect

 Allows for increased grading speeds

 Adds approximately 200 LBS to the rear of the machine

 Weight can be added directly to the pressure of the cutting edge



AG Series Specs

 The AG Series is manufactured using a minimum of 1/4 inch thick steel.

 The moldboard is made from 1/4 of an inch thick rolled steel plate.

 The side cutter blades are adjustable and reversible for maximum wear life.

The adjustable side cutters are made from 3/8 inch thick steel plate.

3000 PSI phasing hydraulic cylinders to work with all earthmoving equipment.

 Completely manufactured with Grade 8 Hex bolts, lock washers, and hex nuts.

 The rear axel is made from DOM tubing to provide the most accurate and smooth pivoting possible.



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4720 Pulling the Double D Series ScraperAdjustable Side Cutter PlatesHydraulic Cylinder Option for the Tilting FeatureSide View of the Double D Series

View of Rear AxelOverhead ViewReplaceable Cutting EdgesAdjustable Front Hitch

Bolt On Removable Tongue         Hydraulic Lift Cylinder